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March 15, 2016

Hippity Hop Easter Egg Decoration

I was in the mood to make another Easter Decoration.  I especially like the Bow.

Here are a few of the items that I used.  As you can see I started by cutting 1.5 inch ribbon at graduating lengths starting with 18 inches all the way up to 23 inches.

Here is some more items that I used. You can print any saying that you want Eastery.

Lets start with the bow.  I am a fan of
She makes bows with lots of ribbons and you can look on her website to get the video tutorials or you can just look at the pictures and steps that I took to make my bow.
Take each cut ribbon, bring both ends together and fold it in half like the picture above to make dove tails.

Cut at an angle like picture above.

both ends will look like this.

To make the loop I measured in half at look at 4 inchs. 

I pinched the loop together and twist the end facing away to the front so each ends are the good side of the ribbon.

Oh I almost forgot.  You need a pipe cleaner folded in half before you start pinching ribbons it is hard to do it afterwards with one hand.  Set it aside.

Repeat the length of the loops for each ribbon and pinch stacking them in you hand.  It might take some doing putting all the ribbons in your one hand it is easy to lose your grip.

Now with the pipe cleaner hold all the ribbons together by twisting the pipe cleaner around the ribbon. Did that make sense I am not sure?

Your ribbon is made.  You can sit it on the table and fix the loops and tails to your liking.

Now to the Egg.

I chalked up the back of your printed words.

Trace the words on the egg.  The chalk will transfer onto the egg so to help you with your paint. 

Using the sharpie paint markers I followed my chalk marks.

Last Glue on  your bow after the paint has dried.  That is really important.

Now hang on the door, wall or where ever you would like.

Enjoy and Happy Easter.

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