Army wife quilter

August 11, 2016

Fall lantern swag

Fall is coming and to get ready I changed my Patriotic lantern to a Fall lantern.  I popped over to Hobby Lobby for supplies and came up with this Fall lantern.

I am not sure if I am done with the swag.  I might add more stuff to it.  It is also not hanging on the lantern the way I would like so I need to adjust it. But for now it will work.

August 6, 2016

Row By Row

 I have been working on more of the Rows that I have collected.
 Each on is unique.
 It is interesting how every store interprets the theme "Home Sweet Home".  Some I can see some I just scratch my head.  

July 10, 2016

Love One Another

I am in no way a painter.  But we made this in Relief Society, this week painting in the park.
This is something I can do with my girls.

July 2, 2016

2016 Row by Row is in full swing

It is that time a year again. It is time for Row by Row experience.
I have collected six rows so far but I have only finished 4 1/2.  The four finished rows are from : Castle Rock, Palmer Lake, Monument and Parker CO.  

This kit was the most expensive I have ever bought.  It was $29.99.  All the pieces were laser cut. I just put the pieces on and ironed them on super easy.
Go visit your local quilt store and get a free pattern this summer

May 24, 2016

Snicker Thankyou

I found these Snickers bars with these crazy words on them.  
It made a great thank you card for a teacher at school.

I hope they keep putting funny words its lots of fun making things with them.

May 22, 2016

Patriotic Flip Flop Wreath

I am all ready for the patriotic holidays this year.
I got this Flip Flop wreath idea from Pinterest of course.
I went to Dollar Store starting in April every couple of weeks until I finally got these patriotic flip flops.  I scoped them out on the website but it was not until second week in May that I was able to find them.  Then I had to go to three stores to find all of them in the size I wanted.  Which you can see I gave up on the one pair that I only have one of.  
The center piece also came from the Dollar Store.
The patriotic picks came from Micheal's.

This was the cheapest wreath I have ever made.  Got to love Dollar Stores and coupons at Michael's.

May 11, 2016

reclaimed wood patriotic sign

I made Texas Flag from reclaimed wood.  I had one piece left so I made a simple flag piece.  My daughter wanted to help.

I dry brushed blue around a flag that I placed inside the small box made from the tape.  Sorry I did not take a picture of that.

Than I taped the center two inches and let my daughter dry brush red on both sides.

I than moved the tape to make the white strip.
She did such a good job.