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October 13, 2014

pumpkin scarecrow

This guy rocks.  I love my pumpkin scarecrow.  
Happy Halloween!!!!!

October 1, 2014


I love my skeletons.  They make the best Halloween decorations! I love the one on top laughing at the other two trying to get on the roof.

I will say.  The one skeleton standing on the railing is a better looking skeleton than the other two.  I got that one at target last year.  The other two I got at Walmart this year and they are not as detail.  
More out door decorations to come.
Happy Halloween 

September 18, 2014

Maleficent horns

It is costume time again. My daughter wants to be Maleficent.  I made these horns out of card board.
I used black Duck Tape to make the head piece.  I love that you can make almost anything out of Duck tape.

I still need to make it so it will stay on her head.  I figure grommets, Velcro and  ribbon should do the trick.
But I came home yesterday with feather wings and a black wedding dress costume for her to finish the look and she said, "I like the dress maybe I will just wear the dress".  Kids!  
Maybe if I make a cool staff she will wear the whole costume.
Wish me luck!

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August 25, 2014

Halloween decorations that I have started to make for 2014

I love this time a year.  Pinterest has so many great ideas.  I started making some of the decoration I saw on pinterest. I have so many that I am wanting to make I had to start now so I could be done by Oct 1st.  
I made this paper mache pumpkin last year but was afraid to paint it.  Well I got over my fears and did it.  I need to seal it before it can go out side but it turned out so scary.

These foam signs will hang on a tree branch light pole that I have not finished yet.

And last my scary drippy candles made from PVC 
These are so awesome.  I am looking for more projects to start on, for the next few weeks.  
Happy Halloween!!

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June 16, 2014

Fourth of July Deco Mesh Garland

 This weekend I transformed our porch form this
 to this
I finally have a porch to decorate. I love our new military quarters.

I can not wait til Oct. and Dec. to make different garlands.

Happy Fourth of July.
And for all you Army folks 
Happy Birthday!

May 6, 2014

teacher appreciation week

So what a fun week for teachers.  Teachers appreciation week.  My kids are in a new school.  They have not known the teachers for very long.  two to three weeks I think.  That wont stop me from showing my appreciation.  I started with the soap.  Then when I went to Michaels to get tulle and ribbon I picked up some other things.  It is a few eclectic things but who cares.  It is put together really cute.

Happy Teacher Appreciation Week.

April 17, 2014

Moving is so much _________ ?

Moving is so much _________ ? You can use your own imagination with that one.

Well my husband job location has changed again.  We call that in the Army a PCS or permanent change of station.  This has been an adventure to say the least.  We were living at JBLM or Joint Base Lewis Mccord in Tacoma WA.  We lived here for 15 months.  In April we drove three vehicles across country to New York.  It was a long 6 days.  We now reside uncomfortablely in a Homewood Suites.

The Homewood is uncomfortable because we will be living here until we can move into base housing which is in about 5 weeks.  Thus uncomfortable because 6 people in a suite for 5 week.  Need I say more.

This is the 10th move for us in 18 Years.  I always thought that moving gets easier as time goes by or by the next time I will have this down and it should be easy right !?!  That is not true.  Moving is hard and comes with a different set of challenges every time.

With all the car troubles, traveling so far away, having to wait a long time for housing and not being settled yet is more than I would have thought could happen in a move.  But "first time for every thing right?"

I am confident that as we get settled and the kids get back into school things will get better.  I am looking forward to the great big house that we are pre leased for on base.  I just need to get into it and get back to my normal routine.

Wish us luck.