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March 15, 2016

Mormon Tabernacle Choir and the #Hallelujah Chorus

A few weeks ago the Mormon Tabernacle Choir asked for people all over the world to tape themselves singing the Handel's Hallelujah Chorus and send it to them so that they could sing with the Mo-Tab Choir.  The video has been released and it is phenomenal.  I love the song and to see all these people being in one massive choir of talent is so exciting. If you are interested in seeing the video you can find it here: #Hallelujah  .

Just hearing the Mo-Tab Choir sing is a treat.  This is a doubly special treat to see young and old from all walks of life.  I am sure it was a treat for all those who got to join in with Choir.  

In my younger years I was in Choirs in high school and in college.  I sang this song and the whole Handel's Messiah during my freshman year at what used to be Ricks College, which is now BYU Idaho.  I have always loved the song and it always brings me to tears.  

I so much enjoyed watching it.  If you look closely you can find Donny Osmond singing in it.
So take a about 4 minutes and click on the link and be uplifted as I was by this phenomenal performance. #Hallelujah

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