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September 6, 2015

Row by Row road trip from NY to CO

My Family moved from NY to CO this summer.  It was crazy.  We are still waiting for are house hold goods.  

I was able to add to my Row By Row stash.  

In Clarion PA I got this cute ducks and umbrela pattern.
In Ohio I got this one the pattern is a view across the lake. (see picture below)

In Indiana, I stopped in a little town and found this one with fish under the water. I know it is hard to see.

In Illinois at the wooden spool, I dropped off the Illinois quilt barn guide.  A lady at the rest stop asked my to deliver them.  Crazy but I went to a quilt shop baring gifts.

Missouri was great.  The quilters Station in Lee Summit has the biggest quilt store I have ever seen.  I really wish I would have had time to really experience it.  The pattern was awesome but they would not let you take a picture of it.  

Abilene, Kansas store the pattern was all about the shoes. Very Very cute. See picture below. 

Last stop on the was to Co was in Aurora where we landed.  

After talking to my mom between us we have something like 60 rows.  I can not wait to start putting some of these together.

I did find out that the theme for next summers Row By Row experiences will be revealed during Quilt Market in Houston, TX.

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