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August 4, 2015

Row by row 2015 road trip take 1

How many of you have spent the summer going to all the Row by row quilt stores in your area.  Well I have been to just these so far.

My mom told me about this huge Shop Hop that is all over the country and Canada too.  Each of the about 2000 participating quilt shop has a unique pattern and licence plate.  The theme is "Water".  The Row by row experience runs from June to September. Each row can be put together to make a quilt.  

My mom lives in AZ.  Last I talked to her she had been to 16 of the 31 quilt shops in AZ.  She has asked my sisters, who live in Kansas and Nebraska, and aunt who lives in Utah to go to some quilt shops to get her the pattern and licence plates too.  I also have been collecting them for her and my aunt also.
You can visit the website here

This one is from the Hudson Valley Quilt & Sew in Cornwall on the Hudson NY.

 This is from The Quilt shop by Lois in Newtown CT.
 By far my favorite so far is this one The City Quilter in NYC.
This is the fabric that you use to make your own unique NYC skyline.

This is the one I got today from the Quilters Attic Sewing Center in Pine Bush NY

This Sail boat fabric from the kit is so cute.

I am sorry to say that I have not made the quilt rows yet, because I had to put my sewing machine away.  We are moving in a few weeks to Denver Colorado! Yes again we are moving.  My plan is to stop in the states that we travel through to find at least one store and get the pattern and Licence plate.  Lets see how it goes.  After I have collected all the patterns up to and including Colorado, I will make the quilt. 
I will make sure to update about you all the quilt shops I visit on the way west as well.
Happy Row by Row shoping.

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