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August 23, 2012

The hole stink and nothing but the stink.

*** update one picture shows the trap door closed. You know what that means.


This week has been full of stinky business. Tuesday morning my hubby opened the front door to a very noisy very big skunk. It sat and stared at him. Eventually it wandered off.

Later that night I left my car windows down and went out to close them. I came face to face with a small skunk. This little critter I say chased but in reality just followed my sent to my front door.

Non the less it freaked me out. I came in the house as fast as humanly possible. Everybody in the house heard me because I kind of used a colorful word or two. They laughed and said that is not a skunk. Well my husband said just go out. I said look. He looked and well the skunk was sitting on the porch. Noway was I going out now. After we watched the skunk play around in the yard for 15 minutes, my hubby went out and I kept a look out for the skunk.

So now to the pictures. Animal control put out a trap this morning. We have more than one skunk. They are tearing up the yard. The drought is driving them out of the forest and well I have kept my yard green so they see my yard as a food source.

Hopefully the skunks will safely by left some place else.

I just want to say something about the title. The "hole" refers to the picture of holes in my yard. Just in case you say she spelled that wrong. I thought is was a cute play on words. Hope people get it.

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