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August 19, 2012

cyber bullies or hackers which is worse.

I don't know if I can say which is worse but now I can say I have been affected by both.  Last Sunday I was preparing a Sunday lesson for my primary class and my computer started acting strange.  My antivirus gave alerts but it said everything was OK.  I continued my prepping.  All of a sudden it all went crazy.  Folders on my computer started to erasing one by one right before my eyes.  Then I got a message that looked official but of course all they wanted was my credit card info and they would fix the problem.  I of course try to watch out for that kind of stuff, so I knew something was up.  I had been hacked.  I had so many viruses and all my stuff was well hidden in my computer.  The Geek squad had to set my computer back to the factory setting it was so bad.  I lost everything but I didn't give any money to the hacker just the Geek Squad.  That is OK.  I got a better antivirus and now I have a protection plan for my computer for 3 years. 

I am safe for now.  I just have to remember to back up the important stuff on my external hard drive.  I should have known better a year and a half ago my computer crashed I lost stuff then too.  The pictures well I can live with out those.  But I lost the genealogy work that I had recreated again.  Well I have to type it again.   I will back it up this time.  There are too many names to have to keep retyping. 

If you follow my blog you will have seen the blog post in which cyber bullies came to visit.  I will not go into it because it is in the past.  I thought that was a bad time in my life.  It really was not in retrospect.  and I guess being hacked is not that bad either.  It just really sucks at the time it is happening. 

So what do you think I really can't say.  I just know that it happens and it is all up to you how you handle it.  I plan to roll with it and learn from it.

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