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August 29, 2012

ACU Purse

For sale $50.00
This is a new ACU purse I plan to put on  I have had some problems however with my computer and I don't know if I can load pictures onto
Purse measurements are 9 L X 9 W X 5 D.  I used an ACU jacket and striped it.  I love all the pockets on the jacket and Incorporated them in the purse inside and out.  For the shoulder strap I used the collar of the jacket and for the closing strap I used the wrist strap.  I love the hot pink digital camo print.  It has a fun pleated strip at the top.
The front pockets of the jacket are on both sides of the purse with Velcro so you can put your name or have army wife name tapes made like I have for my purse.

The sides both look like this.  I used the shoulder pockets, you can add shoulder patches or an American flag to show your support for your soldier. 

The inside has lots of room for all your needs.  I like the side pocket.  Finally a place to put the pens and pencils.  I can never find them.
Look for this soon on my Etsy shop called Quiltersdream.

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