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July 17, 2012

My new ACU purse

I had to make a new purse my other one was too too big.  I bought another ACU shirt at clothing sales and looked up a pattern and presto a new purse.  I didn't want to make the straps.  I could not find what I really wanted so in the mean time.

I bought a dog leash.  I know that it is corny.  But it works.

Happy sewing.

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  1. do you sell these??

  2. Adorable!!! I wish I had seen these when I was an Army wife but now I am an Army mom so I am going to start sewing!!! Thanks

  3. Adorable!!! Wish I had seen these back when I was an Army wife but now I am an Army Mom so I am going to start sewing again - Thanks for the inspiration!!!

  4. where did you get the hot pink acu fabric? I can't find it anywhere!

    -Thanks in Advance

  5. Where did you get that pink ACU fabric? Thanks! Beautiful purse!!


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