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January 28, 2011

Disturbed Frogs Hibernation

Yesterday It was somewhat warm here in TX.  So I decided to pull out the 5 hawthorn bushes in my front yard to get ready to plant new stuff.  I found these two sleeping guys in the holes left after pulling out the bushes.
 I thought they where dead.  I was sad.  Then when I picked one up I realized he was just sleeping. They had been hibernating here.  I don't know how long but the kids got lots of laughs and screams.  Mostly my daughter screamed all the way down the street.  The frog moved closer to her and wow screams and screams.  I was videoing the frog and caught her scream when he moved but I wish I had her in the frame because I would have totally sent it to AFV we love that show on Sunday nights. 
I love that frogs hold still because I got some really good pictures.  I even got my camera to work great.  Well the video was blurry but the pictures are cool. This morning I could only find one of the frogs.  Last night I covered him up alittle with the bark and dirt and He was still there sleeping away this morning.  I couldn't see the second one last night so I don't know if he burrowed his way back into the ground or hopped away.  OH! well I can not wait for spring.  I have "Wanttoplantitis"  Is this a word.  Well today it is.  Bye Y'all!

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  1. Oh wow. That is a really cool picture of the frog. Cute little things. I wonder why they can hold still for so long? Aren't they afraid of us humans? Maybe they're just waiting to be kissed. Anywho, I wish I had the skill and talent to plant stuff. Go you!


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