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February 2, 2011

Girls room redo

My daughter has begged us to paint her room pink.  We finally did this this weekend.  I really feel bad that I don't have a before picture.  The room before was just plain egg shell.  Basically the ceiling is the color it used to be.  Now you can see it is Pink and White.  I love how it turned out.  We know need to add the curtain and I am going to get some vinyl initials.  Here are some of the random pictures I do have to share.  Enjoy I know my daughter is.
 This room is rather large.  This side of the room is my little ones side.
 This side is for my bigger daughter. 

 I know all of you that have painted have made a tape snowman.
My four year old wanted to paint so bad.  We thought it would be safe to let her paint the chair rails.
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  1. What a sweet color! I love the little nook for your older daughter's bed!

  2. Very nice. It is simple and adaptable as the girls grow and mature. I love the chair rail, nice finishing touch.

  3. How great that you let your daughter help! The room looks great!

  4. LOVE Pink! Our poor daughter will probably grow to hate it since she's the only girl and I paint all her stuff pink. Room looks great, so sweet that she got to help.


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