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November 21, 2010

Light up the house

I love to light up the house this time of year.  I love especially Red and Green lights.  I know the picture is not that great but I am trying.  I used White LED lights from Lowes and red and green interchanging LED lights from Walmart.  I have had the red and green icicle lights from Walmart for a while but I never used them so they are brand new too.  Unfortunately they are not LED. So only half my lights are "green".  I really like the red and green interchangeable lights but they are $12 a pop and I would need 7 more strands to make the house all the same.  Do the math. I will have to wait till next year. 
Sorry! My camera sucks and I am in the market for a new one.  But don't you wish you could test drive a camera like you can test drive a car?  Merry Christmas.

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