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November 22, 2010

My candy or candle mat tutorial

Candle matI made these Mats to use under the candles or candy dishes that we all put out during this holiday season.  They are fast and easy to make. 

What you will need:  
2 of the same color felt rectangle
1 White color felt rectangle
9 x 12 rectangle of heat n bond
White thread
Coordinating thread to match same color felt rectangle

First you need a design I picked snow flakes but you can pick anything you want.
 Trace design on to heat n bond.
 Iron heat n bond on white felt rectangle.  Cut out design.
 Iron down your design on your felt.
Layer a second felt square underneath. So you have two layers.  Stitch down your design.
Sew around the design and then cut around.  Your done.
Or candy mat.  I think they turned out great. 

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