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November 6, 2009

With Profound Sorrow

I would like to express my profound sorrow to the families of yesterday's Fort Hood shouting incident.  We are a military family and understand the unique burdens that are felt by military families of all services.  My husband has been in the Army for 23 years.  He has been deployed twice in his career.  He as recruited soldiers and Re-enlisted soldiers.  He has been Enlisted and now is an Officer.  He has seen his fair share of sorrows with losing friends to the current wars and other conflicts that are nation has been involved in.  No job in America can compare to jobs filled by our national hero's.  That is what they are.  Living or Dead.  Those individules that have been or are in the military should be held to the highest respect.  When you think of some of the deadlest jobs that are in America this is number one.  Yes, soldier have their problems and a few of them make very bad decisions.  The sure magnitude of their job description leaves me in awe. 

I am proud to be a military family member and support my husband in everything that comes to us from his job.  Yesterday as I watched him cry for those that are lost and fear for some of those people could have easily been some of his soldiers coming home from Iraq.  Some of them are already starting to come home.  It gave me a renewed sense of patriotism.  When one of us in the military suffers we all suffer.  The military community is small.  when you talk about 6 degrees of seperation.  That seperation is really close.  We know thousands of people from all over that we have served with.

I pray that they are wrapped in the arms of the love of our savior in this trying time.  And are able to feel the love sent out by the rest of us military families that are praying for them.

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