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November 11, 2009

I won last night/ Happy Veterans day

I won last night on the 24/7 moms web cast.  I am not sure what it was called.   All I remember was that it had to do with accessories for your glasses.  I think.  When it comes I will post what it is. 

I love my veteran.

This picture was taken in Hawaii when he was commission as a Army Engineer Officer in 2007.
He has been in for 23 years.  When he crossed over to officer he was a E-8 Master Sergant.  People think he was crazy but I love him.  He is currently the commander for the 659 Engineer Company.  He is going crazy right now because he is trying to plan our company dinning out and he is looking for money to supplement the cost.  wow does it cost.  We are trying to pay for the spouses of the deployed soldiers in our company.  We have about 25 from our unit that were taken with a Texas Reserve unit to Iraq and they will be comming home either just before christmas or after.  We are really excited to get them back safely. 

Happy Veterans Day to all the Veterans.

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