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November 6, 2009

Gobble Gobble

It is the time of the year for Thanksgiving.  I spent the last few days making a small wall hanging for the ladies that I visit teach.   A couple of years ago I bought a thanksgiving place mat after the season.  Their was only one so I figured I could make some to match later.  We I didn't make the place mats so I used part of the picture and made these wall hangs.  Cute huh. 

It was my birthday yesterday and my husband took me to see Couples Retreat.  Yes it was funny, and it showed all the couples getting back together in the end but I thought that the sexual content was a bit heavy.  I think to many people forget that their are consequences of their actions when the are making decision that effect others.  They are only thinking of themselves and for getting the needs of their spouse.  At the beginning of the film they spent a lot on this and made it look as if their was nothing wrong with this.  Marriage is hard enough with society pulling us in every direction.  Marriage is all about a partnership and you are either making each other happy or miserable.   In the end they seemed to have learned some valuable lessons.

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