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October 31, 2009

The Great Pumpkin

The end of September when pumpkins start showing up in the stores I came across the biggest pumpkin I eversaw in a store.  It was over 35lbs.  I had it siting on the front porch all month long.  Today we carved it.  Wow!  As you can see It is big.

I thought it would have a lot of stuff in it.  It was not bad.  Big seeds which of course I roasted.  Yummy. 
It was a simple face.  It was so thick.  2 1/2 inches so I did not get fancy. 

Trick or Treaters that came to my door kept asking me if it was a real pumpkin.  So I guess that means it was cool.  I love Big pumpkins.  One year I grew my own and they were so big I got tired after carving the third pumpkin that the rest never got carved.

My kids in their costumes.

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  1. Love the pumpkin you found! Will have to try growing some, have never done that.

    Thanks for coming by our blog and entering our Tupperware giveaway! Good luck!


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