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October 21, 2009

My new Army quilt project

My husband's Army unit is supposed to move into this new Army Reserve and National Guard building on Fairchild AFB.  It is done. All except the communication was not ordered in time for instillation and so now it sits empty.  Despite that I am making a quilt to put in the center.  I have 4 unit patch squares done for this quilt.  It is starting to look really cool.   The first square on the top row is for the WA Army National Guard.  Second square on the top row is 659 Engineer Co., that is my husbands unit.  First on the bottom row is a medical unit.  The second on the bottom row a Drill Instructors unit.  I forget the name.   I am working on square number 5.  I still am trying to figure out who the other 4 units are that will be in the building so I can draw out the pattern for those units too.

 I really have enjoyed making all these patterns.  I have also made patterns for all the units that my husband has been apart of in his 23 years in the Army.  They are turing out to be really cool and as I get those done I will post those too.  I need to get more fabric to finish those.  I am using mostly Moda Marbles  fabrics.  I need to find some more of the red, blue, green and gold, however, I have been to four quilt shops and I have yet to find the right shade.  I have two more local shops that I can go to and if I don't find the shade I am looking for I will have to look on line.  If you have family members in the Army and are looking for a wall hanging of their unit patch,  have them contact me at  or post a comment.

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