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October 22, 2009

Wordfull Wedneday "what is in your name"

OK my name is not really all that exciting.  Shelley.  I was name Shelley because growing up my mom enjoyed watching the actor Shelley Fabaray I don't know how you spell her name.  However my kids names are unique in that my oldest in named for my grandfather Max was named Maxwell Hartline Cline.  Alexander is also a family name.  Emma was named for the fact that both myself and my husband love the name.  Then their is Kira.  About the time Emma was born my husband figured out that the kids had military aircraft identifier initials.  so MH for Max Hartline MH special operation helicoptor.  AH for Alex Heil Attach Helicoptor.  EA for Emma Ann Electronic Warfare airplane.  And last but not least KC for Kira Cathreen.  KC135 Tankers.  We live at Fairchild AFB and they fly KC135's out of here all day long.  It sound crazy but it worked out that way.  This wordfull Wednesday is cool. Thanks.

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  1. How interesting that your children's names or at least initials relate to something special to your family too. We figured out one day that if we took the first letter of each of my daughters' names and rearranged them we could spell damsel, which of course is another name for girl.

    Thanks for participating!


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