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December 31, 2015

Shark Quilt for Christmas

I made this "Awesome" Shark Quilt for my son for Christmas. I had not made this big of a quilt for a while.  It was time I got back to making quilts. It turned out great.

It was a total surprise to him. He had been asking for one for a long time. I worked on it when he was at school.  I put it on the quilt frame and had it quilted and off before he even knew it was on the frame.

I used plain blue flannel for the back. It is super warm. It needed to be his room is in the basement. 
I found a picture on line about two years ago. I had been  putting it off.  The time finally came and well I believe it worked out so well I need to give my self a round of applause.

I believe he is the coolest shark ever.

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  1. Exactly what I was looking for.I made a denim quilt for my 4 y/o grandson, and put a spider web with a giant felted spider on it.Him: "You didn't scare me Grammy!" And I immediately thought about doing a shark with big teeth and his mouth wide open. And here it is. Perfect! Must be it was meant to be!


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