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December 24, 2015

Ornament exchange #6

I got the last ornament today.  It had two ornaments in it.  They are both glass.  I don't have very good experience with glass ornaments they tend to get broken very easily.  hopefully I can keep this from happening. 

One is Gold metallic painted.

The other silver metallic painted.

If you look closely to the tree you will see that after more than 25 days this tree is still super green.  I feed this tree water every day.  It used to drink a gallon a day.  after two weeks it went to two quarts. Now it is about one quart of water.  It is slowing down but the tree is still so beautiful and feels so fresh. It has been a good Ornament exchange and I can not wait for the next years ornament exchange. 
Merry Christmas.

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