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November 30, 2015

Elf on the shelf night 4

I learned a big lesson last night.  I printed the note card before the kids were asleep.  The nine year old came up with the paper that I had printed on the computer printer. She was crying that maybe the Elf was not real and why did the Elf use your printer. From now on I either need to print while they are at school or check first to make sure they are asleep!

The Elf note says that Santa sends her notes through the parents printer so she can use them much like she is using the clothes that we have made for her. It also says that she messed up on her first assignment she is stressed out and she hopes the Santa will forgive her for not waiting for them to be asleep.

She really needed a manicure to relax.  

All is well now and the note worked.  The Elf secret is safe once more.

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