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November 29, 2015

Elf on the shelf night 3

The girls found Miss Ornament the Elf sleeping on the bed that my daughter made for her and in her PJ's.  I guess Ornament was home sick and put her bed in the Department 56 North Pole house village that I have.  They told dad that she was feeling sick and that is why she is in the bed with her PJ's.  I don't think they understand what home sick means.

I have not put these houses up for a while.  The girls were too young and they would have broke them.  Some are retired and are worth way more than I paid for them.  I need to work on the way I set up the village.  It looks boring I need a better way to display them.  I need risers and road pieces. I have snow stuff but that makes to much of a mess.

Happy Holidays.

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