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October 24, 2015

My Row by Row's from my summer move

I have been working on the Row by Row patterns that I collected while we moved from NY to CO.  It has been fun making them.  However, I have been disappointed by some of the directions or lack of directions in some of these patterns. This first on is from Pine Bush NY.

This one is from the City Quilter in NYC. You got to make your own ski line.  All these building are the ones I picked from the fabric in the kit.  No way could you use them all.

This is from a small town in Indiana. The store was called Nancy's Fancy's sewing corner.

I got this cute one in Abilene Kansas.  Love the shoes.

A day or so after we landed in CO, I went to the store in Aurora and got this one.  It reminds me of "America the beautiful" song when it says "for Purple mountains majesty" which by the way the song was written by a CO native about CO.

I didn't actually go to this store in Fresno CA.  My friend got it for me. I used to spend many summers in my childhood at Yosemite.  My parents took us every year until we moved back east when I was 15 years old.

Oops I forgot to turn this photo. I hate it when this happens.  This comes from Lee Summit MO. This store is fabulous, Its HUGE. I wish I had the time to look through the store better but we were on a mission to get across the country as soon as possible to get the kids in school.  My sister used to live by this store and my mom was a frequent costumer when she would go and visit her.

This cute row came from a equally cute shop in a small town in Clarion PA.  My girls came in and convinced my husband to buy 6 yards of Minion fabric.  He is such a sucker.  It is still sitting on the shelf in my craft room.  My eight year old would like to make PJ's with it.  Will see if it gets done before Christmas.

In Ohio I had a hard time finding a Quilt store.  We traveled through the state late in afternoon on a Saturday.  So all the stores were either closing soon and I was too far away or had already closed.  I was sure I had missed the opportunity.  Luck for me we stayed the night and this one store was the only place opened on a Sunday morning.  I drove a little out of my way on the way out of the state to get a row from OH.  Thank you Crafters Lodge in Sugar Creek Twp. for saving me the heart ache of missing a row from your state.

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