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October 14, 2015

My Halloween Yard

 I started decorating my yard this week.  
This is how it is going so far.  Next I will be working on the porch. These however, are all pictures of the yard. Minus my blow up pumpkins that I will put out the night of halloween.  It is 12 years old and I would like it to last for a few more years.  Back to the yard.
When we moved from NY to CO they crated the big mirror from my bedroom set, so I had all this wood to make caskets and crosses. I first made the big casket.

I made the child size casket next.  

I had just enough to make the three Crosses to complete my Cemetery.  I do have a sign that says Cemetery but I didn't not take a good picture of the sign.

While I was making these signs I thougth my Dremel would be great to carve the words in the crosses.  That way they the sign might fade but you could still see the words.  I found this name from the list of cemetery tombstones at DisneyLand.  

Now I wish that I would have done this with my larger casket.  I wrote RIP with marker so this might not last through the season but I can always go back next year and fix that.

I have 5 skeletons.  Some of the skeletons came from Walmart.  I am not a fan of Walmart brand skeletons.  The head broke off last year during a wind storm. 

 Then this year as I was getting this one out of the box and moving it into position the leg broke off.  He is proped up on the tree and will not fall Zip ties are the best for decorating. The rest of my skeletons came from Target.  I like the ones from Target.  They have more detail to them and they look scary. 
This guy is just siting on the fence checking out the view. 

I love these trick or treat pumpkins.  I think I might have to get more and stack them all over the yard.  I plan to put LED tea lights in each so they are lit up for Halloween night.  That should look awesome. I will have strobe lights on my cemetery to make it more scary.

I have more room in my cemetery any takers?

Last but not least.  Beware of Zombies.

Happy Halloween.

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