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March 12, 2015

What can I do! Recovering from Surgery is boring

I had two surgeries two week ago.  I am happy that they were successful. However, it is the hardest thing to sit or lay around.  I feel good now, but I am restricted to light activity for four weeks.  That even means restricted from most house work.  I can not even carry the laundry baskets or vacuum or mop the floors.

Yes my family is helping me out, but I am going crazy because when they are all at work and school I just sit around looking at all the things that need to be done.  Yet I have to wait till someone comes home.

I have watched enough TV to last a life time.  I have read some books, surfed the web and napped.  Is that all you can do to recover from surgery, probably not.  If I do the things I want to do my husband with threaten to take more time off.  He needs to be a work.

So the bordem will continue for the next two weeks... Does anyone have suggestions.  I would welcome anything to keep me from going stir crazy.

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