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November 12, 2014

The Magic Santa Key

Nothing says Christmas like a Magic Santa Key.  I made a new Key this year.  I found a bigger key this fall at a Flea market that had a KL on it.  I believe it stand for "Kringle Locks".  Do like how I did that? Wouldn't that be cool if that were a real company and this was a key from the "Kringle Locks Co.

We move a lot and never have a fire place so this is a important part of Christmas for my kids. 

So here is the old key and the new key.  A much needed improvement. 

On a side note I put up my Christmas lights today.  he he he I know it is only November 12. **update** it is November 19th, It is 20 degrees and I am not ashamed that I put my lights up a week ago.  ****

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