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November 7, 2014

My Blown Glass Christmas Ornament

We have this awesome place here in the Hudson Valley.  It is called Hudson Beach Glass Co.  They will let you make your own Christmas Ornament.  On my birthday I made this beauty.  I want to make a second one in red and white, to look like a candy cane.  Let the hot air begin.


  1. I've taken my family there several times over the past few years and we have some gorgeous ornaments that my kids have made. My 80 year old Dad came with us last year and made an ornament for my mother. When he presented it to her he told her that he was giving her his breath, sealed in that bulb for eternity. So sweet and what a wonderful way to look at it!

    1. That is so sweet. I like the way they tell you that your breath is sealed in the ornament. I am going again tomorrow to make another with my neighbor. I am real excited.


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