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February 29, 2012

Grill time cake-I wish I made this!

Last night we went to the blue and gold dinner for my son.  I saw this cake at the dinner.  I was impressed by the creativity.  I looks so real.  The cakes where a father son project.  They all looked great but this by far was the best.

The hamburgers are made of Coco Krispies treats with a dash of Nutella to take the white out of the marshmallow's.

The hot dogs where made of Tootsie rolls and red Starbursts one for one ratio, kneeded together.
The cheese is yellow starbursts.  Then piping gel for the lines.  It was made of in a 16" round chocolate cake.  Is this not the coolest you ever saw.  Makes me hunger right now. 

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  1. Your post brought back the days of Cub Scouting at our house and we would have a cake decorating contest every year. One year we made a swimming pool with piping gel as the water. The kids had a great time--special memories!


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