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February 17, 2012

couponing is a good way of life

If you have not discovered how fun the world of couponing is you should.  This week I got a lot of free stuff. 

I went to my local Kroger's this week and bought:

4 Colgate tooth brushes $.20 each.
4 Colgate tooth paste free.
2 Pillsbury grand biscuits $.55 each.
4 Dannon Activia yogurt $.88 each.
4 Ragu spag. sauce $.50 each.
My grand total after all coupons was? Well they payed me $1.64 way way cool! I saved well over a 100%.  This happened because I had Manufactured coupons for all items, plus everything was on sale plus, I had Catalina coupons totalling $6 and then received $4 in Catalina coupons after this particular transaction to use on my next visit to Kroger's.   Wow! Say that with out breathing.  This is why I say the couponing world is awesome!

Since my sewing room has been packed for the move I have spent a lot of time lately building a stock pile of things for my family of six.  My husband used to think I was crazy, but has since changed his mind.  He does not run out of the things he uses on a regular basis and I don't blow the bank to keep us stocked up. 

I have been doing this for almost a year now.  I am sorry to say I don't know really how much I have saved our family but I know it is a lot.  My problem now is how to store this and use some of the stuff before it expires.  That is a terrible problem I know LOL!  But it is mine to bare.:)! I will gladly bare it too. He He He.

To all you who coupon too.  Have fun.  To all you who have not shame on you, repent of your ways and save money.

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