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September 16, 2011

Pumpkins, Vampire and Frankenstein OH my! popcycle characters

Pumpkin, Vampire and Frankenstein OH my! Popcycle characters.
I check regularly my most popular posts. That being said my second most popular posts is
I made popcycle stick snowmen with my kids last Christmas. I loved them and so did many of you. I have created Halloween popcycle stick characters. I have a tutorial for you, they are really easy to make by your self or with your kids. You will need:

Popcycle sticks
paint / paint brushes
super glue
Sticky back foam
wax paper for the mess
permant marker
Glue the sticks together.

Mark and pain the different sections of your character.

Frank painted.

Vampire painted.  The bottom is dark purple but you can't really see that in the picture.

Painted pumpkin. Glue on buttons and sticky backed foam.

Your done.  See that was easy.  I hope you enjoy making them.  If you do.  Come back and post a comment with the link.  I would love to see all the variations that your creative minds come up with.


  1. What a cute idea! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Your monsters are adorable! I'd love for you to post your project on my Fall In Love linky party today.

  3. These are SO cute and fun! Thank you for sharing!!


  4. What a super cute craft!!

    Love it!


  5. Too cute! I would love to do this with my kids! I am also and Army WIfe Blogger HOOAH!!! Stopping by from Someday crafts link party

  6. Those are so darn cute and creative! Where will you put them?


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