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September 12, 2011

I made a storage box

I made this box.  With the help of my husband.  A blog that I visited last month made one like this from a pottery barn utensil box that she had seen.  I really liked it.  I made it bigger than she did.  I loved the patterns of the wood.  So I stained it to bring out the pattern.

See the inside wood pattern.  It is really cool.

This is the finished product.  I really wish that It could show you all the cool knots and patterns of the wood.  It is really cool.
 Now I just have to put a foam pad on the bottom.  I have two nails that are sticking out just enough that it would scratch the surface of what ever I put it on.  After finishing this project I informed my husband I want a scroll saw.  He just laughed. Then he took me over to Lowes and we look at scroll saws so we can get a feel for what I want to buy.  I am thinking Christmas is the time to buy.  Prices are low right?  I am not sure I can wait for fathers day.

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