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August 12, 2011

new shelves for my small stock pile

My kids think I am crazy because I never leave the house with out my "coupon binder".  I have gotten so many "coupon scores" that I have run out of places to put them.   So I have started a stock pile, or as some of you might know it as a Year supply or food storage.  I needed more shelves in my closet.  I did these two shelves all by my self.  I am so proud of my self.

After I put in the support then I filled the shelves with my stuff that I got for free or less than a dollar.

I need to count my tooth paste It looks like a lot.

I love free deodorant.

This is my food stock pile up stairs in the boys closet.

I don't have pictures of my laundry soap and the dish washing soap or the cereal.  sorry I didn't think of that until after I started this. I keep stuff all over the house.  Which reminds me my school supplies have quadrupled since my last post of them.  I didn't take pictures of that either.  Just take my word or it or not.

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