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August 2, 2011

Help! My pumpkins are suffering

Wow I am sure that you have seen the news on how the heat wave is causing a problem.  Well it is causing my pumpkin plants to burn.

 This plant is my best and is not what I would expect of it for the time it has been in the ground.
 This plant is my next biggest and it is not doing any better.
This one is the last of my surviving pumpkin plants.  Sad huh? I water everyday.  Sometimes twice.  I am not sure they are going to produce any actual pumpkins.  I have lots of buds and well nothing.  Help me?! any helpful advise would be great.  I can only hope that the Texas heat wave will pass and the rain will come and save my plants.

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  1. Have you fertilized them? Miracle Grow has an attachment that you can put on your water hose that you can water and fertilize all at the same time. Also you need to check for insects. You may have aphids. They usually are really tiny clear/white bugs that like to suck all the juice out of the plant. If you have bugs, you will have to go to a greenhouse and get advise on what to do in your area. Hope that helps--I am far from a green thumb :)


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