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July 4, 2011

I love a man in "Uniform" Happy Fourth of July

Happy Fourth of July everybody.
This is my son & my husband.  Recently my son decided he wanted to be part of civil air patrol. Civil air patrol is part of the Air Force.  It was created during WWII.  They were used for home land security back in the day.  They would watch for plane and subs of the east and west coast of this great country.   My husband was in civil air patrol when he was our sons age.  So together they have join this great organization.  My husband is a Senior member my son a cadet.  They look great in uniform don't they.  I do have to say, "Like father like son". 

Let us all remember those in uniform serving for our freedom here and abroad.  They are great men and women.
Have a great Fourth of July.


  1. Many thanks for those who serve and protect us! We are so blessed to live in the United States.

  2. Wow! Son AND husband! I hope one day I can say this! I have two amazing little boys and hope they grow up to be just like their daddy. Your guys are handsome to boot! Thank God for our men in service. Happy Independence day! (haha, I'm posting this so late as it's July 7th today, its never too late to be grateful I guess)


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