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April 28, 2011

My new HP computer

I got my new computer in the mail yesterday.  It is a HP Pavilion something something entertainment PC. I am so not that computer smart.  I am fumbling my way through the process of getting to know this thing.  I like it don't get me wrong, but there is no manual to refer too.  It is scary to say the least.  I did however manage to download my printer software on line because I could not locate the disk.  Par for course. I can always find every thing but what I am looking for when it comes to the computer software department.  I need my own personal IT person.  Maybe my old dinosaur of a computer would still be running if I had my own IT guy.
Now I need to locate the software for my camera so I can down load this weeks adventure at the Children's Barnyard put on by the Texas A&M University.  I was simple.  My almost two year old could not get enough of the baby chicks.  Every time she caught one it peeped loudly.  She has some grip.  I will get those photos up soon I hope. 
Have a great spring day.  Well try to if you are in any of the bad weather areas of the country.  We got nothing.  We need the rain that everybody else is getting.  TX is a big place and we never get anything.  I am grateful. I am not really complaining but we really could use the rain.  Bye.

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