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March 8, 2011

Spring dresses

I have been busy sewing the last few weeks.  I made these dresses.
This one is for my 20 month.
This one is for my four year old. ( she picked out the fabric)
This pattern is a Simplicity pattern from Project Runway. It is very cute.  However, see that skirt band? I did not follow the pattern it was totally screwed up it would not lay flat and they had you put it on backwards. So I had to make it the way I like to put on skirt bands.  After that it worked out just fine.

I also sewed curtain for my neighbor and sleeves in a shirt for a lady from church.  I kept busy  I also found time to vacuum the floor in the sewing room.  Need to do that for a while.

Show and Tell Green

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  1. So cute! I wish I could sew clothes! Tried a few times... not pretty.


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