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February 9, 2011

Trip to Hobby Lobby for girls room redo

Yesterday my girls and I went to Hobby Lobby to find pinks stuff to decorate the new room.  We found some stuff. 
We found these flowers in the Easter decor and the butterfly in the summer stuff.   
 These light switch plates are my favorite.   I love changing these they make a small but huge difference.
 This says it all.  My four year old picked this out.
 I took scrapbook paper and made a new boarder.
 Girls enjoying the room.
 See what I mean.
 These are over my daughter bed.
The hanging stuff is all over but after I got them up my four year old ask for me to get some more.  So looks like I will be going to Hobby Lobby sooner than later.  I am not done.  I still need to put up the girls initials we made yesterday, get the curtains and I want to get a shelf to put some stuff on and well you know you could go crazy with stuff.  I am enjoying this. 
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