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August 4, 2010

Our Adventures in Moving

OK so we spent 2 months in transition.  Things got rough for a while.  We did however have some fun times.
(Sorry the pictures our at the bottom of the post)

So the story goes like this. During the first week of June the movers were scheduled to start packing us on a Monday.  Monday came and went and nobody showed up.  Tuesday mid morning the packers showed up and of course they saw our stuff and said wow this is a two day job.  Unfortunately for them the moving truck was scheduled to come on Wednesday morning so they had to bring in extra people to get the job done Tuesday.  Wednesday mid morning the truck shows up and the movers said they forgot about you guys.  I was on my way to a different job and they called us and told us to come pack your stuff.  It was a wild three day.  A few days later we cleared our house on base and made our way to Texas.  We rented a Uhaul trailer and filled it with about 3600 lbs.  We didn't fill it very well, because for 2100 miles we could go no faster than 55-60 miles per hour.  Five days later, we made it from Fairchild AFB, WA to College Station TX.  We spent one week in a hotel (with five children) as we house hunted.  We found a house made and offer.  It was accepted.  Yeah!!!  Well over the Fourth of July weekend my family had planned a Reunion so off to Prescott AZ we went.  32 people stayed in my parents home for five days.  It was fun.  some times the kid didn't get along but we had a good time.  After everyone left we stayed at my parents house for another two weeks.  Our kids were getting restless so after three weeks in AZ we left again for TX.  We still had ten days until escrow closed on the house but we made arrangements to do a short lease for those ten days so we could move into our house.  Once we moved in five days later our stuff arrived.  As a side note.  They took our stuff Wed Jun 9th it was supposed to arrive in TX the 26th of Jun.  We didn't here from them until Mid July that our stuff had finally arrived in TX.  OK so back to the story.  Every thing made it in relatively one piece. Only a few bumps and bruise.  Now we have closed on the house the kids are registered for school the house is put together and things are getting back to normal. 

We had some fun adventures mixed in with this whole crazy move.

We went to this crazy steak house in Amarillo TX.  This rocking chair was huge as you can see they all fit.

We went to the grand cannon and it was beautiful.

We went to the North Face of the Grand Cannon. The weather was beautiful not too hot and the breeze was great. 

This is the Hubbs family reunion July 2010.  My parents, my two brother and their families and my two sisters and their families.  32 people.  Pretty cool.  We had a great time.  Each family has their own color shirts.  Mine our red.  My sister Jennifer are white.  My brother David our black.  My brother Jeff our green.  And my sister Angela our light blue. 


  1. Glad you found a house and are getting settle. Wow--what a summer you're having. I love the picture of the kids.

  2. Hey Shelley! Glad you're getting settled...I HATE moving. It is just about impossible to do it gracefully.

    As far as the honey this goes, it actually worked pretty well! It didn't take all my allergy symptoms away, but I certainly felt a lot less congestion and my runny rose practically stopped. Got me through the worst of the season...AND it tasted great!

    Give Emma a hug from me!


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