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August 3, 2010

At Home! At Last!

Life is now complete.  We have moved to College Station TX.  Home of the Aggies.  My house except the garage is all put away.  And the best part is I got my own room for my sewing.  I have never had my own sewing room.  It usually is in the living room in every place we have lived in.  The kids bed rooms are so big that the boys fit in one room and the girls fit into the other.  They both have huge closets.  The boys closet alone is 7 X 14.  Any way now that I have my sewing room together and I have visited one of the local quilt shops.  I am ready to go.

I know I have been absent for about two months from the blog world and believe me I have been suffering.  Especially since it is so humid here and I have worked my but off to get the house together and the kids ready for school.  Two and half weeks away.  who is counting.  ME!  Anywho,  I am ready to get back to normal.  Well if you can call my life normal.  I am glad to be back.  Now I have to go see if I can get my email fixed.  I have not check it in two months.  Does any one what to guess how many I will have when I get it to work.  My guess is 300 easy.  Well by for today.

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