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March 10, 2010

Missed the due date for the quilt but I had pitty on them

Well I finished the quilt for the reserve center and it is in the building.  looks good right.

A close up view

So after I finished the quilt this a patch came in. ha! ha!

So now that I have made this patch I need to put in the building.
It figures though, some one always want to cut in at the last minute.  Sometimes it works for them and sometimes it does not.  This time it didn't.  Oh well. 
better luck next time.  I sure enjoyed making this quilt.  Sad now what to do?
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  1. I congratulate you on your quilts... great job!


  2. Great quilt!! Thanks for linking @Creative Itch's "Sew Cute Tuesday"!!

  3. That is fabulous!!! Wow. Beautiful. Seriously, these quilts do take forever, but aren't they so worth it. Sad for the other people that missed out by being so late. But, what can you do. :)


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