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March 23, 2010

Cake pin cushion

Ok so I watched the new web episode last week and they made these cute cake pin cushions.  So I tried it.  To go with the cake I made dice pins.  They aren't very good.  They are my first time playing with clay.  I need lots and lots of practice.  However I thought I could give them to the bunco ladies this next week.  So here is my cake and dice.

The top comes off and becomes a magnet pin catcher. see!

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  1. I watched that too and I aws going to make myself one, but I didn't get around to it!
    Very nice job and the bunco pins are cute!

  2. The pin cushion is great. I used to play bunco quite a bit at various posts...miss that. Love the bunco box in an earlier post and your quilts are great. Laura @ my military mansion

  3. THat is too cute... and I think your dice look great! : )

  4. wow ..that's clever. I'll have to check out that show. The dice pins are cool!

  5. What a fun and smart idea--thanks for sharing!


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