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January 1, 2010

New Years Resolutions

This is the time of year when we make them resolution for our own good.  I am one of the fool that do it but hardly ever keep them because I don't right them down.  So this year I am putting them out into cyberspace to make them permanent.  So here goes it.

1.  I have to loose some weight.  That mean eating more healthy.  I need 30 to go.
2.  I would like to publish some patterns that I have created.  Some Military some not.
3.  Organize my house and lighten the load.  We move around alot and well it is coming again and we have too much stuff.
4.  Read my scriptures at least 5 days a week and pray more consistantly.

OK that is good.  If I add anymore I will never get anywhere with any of them. They are in no  particular order. 

Happy New Year

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  1. Hey, cool quilts! Good luck on your resolutions!I was an Army wife until my husband got out and we are originally from WA state.
    I'll be back to check in!


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