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January 16, 2010

All I need now is a boarder

Ok I know I am missing a square but I need to call Tue and find out if it is a go for the patch.  But look at all the patches together.  I am so excited.  I am thinking to different kinds of boarders.  but I can't decide.  First since the Army colors are yellow and black that I would do a thin black than yellow than black each 3/4 inch and then a 4 to 6 inch white boarder.  Or a thin dark blue 1 1/2  inch and then 4 to 6 inch white boarder.  If any one out there has a good suggestion for me let me know.

I want to have the boarder figured out by the end of the month and the quilt done by mid Feb.  After that I want to make the patterns so if others want to make these for there soldiers they can.  Or if they want other patches made I can make up a pattern and make them too.

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