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October 16, 2009

Fun girly Skirts

I bought this pattern on line last Friday and it came a few days later.  OH wow.  I have made two skirts already and my three year old loves them and wants more. They are so fast.  Easy and fun.  I don't really sew clothes that often.   However if this is what she likes and is willing to wear them often I will make more.  I need to make one for my 3month old.  I have tons of fabric.  I can make lots more.  I just need to get thick tights for the cold days.  I fear those days are coming soon.  I am going to go to a quilts show tomorrow.  I am so excited.  Love new patterns and new ideas. this pattern

Just as a after thought.  The first image what do you see that is a little off? 

She has her boots on the wrong feet.  How can kids do that?  It hurts and they walk around like nothing is wrong.  Go figure.

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