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September 5, 2016

My Second Paper Mache Pumpkin

This spooky guy is my second paper mache pumpkin.  I made one about 4 years ago when we lived in Washington.  You will see a picture of the first on at the end of this post.
I took pictures of some of the process.  I skipped the 15 layers of paper mache and started when the pumpkin was getting ready to be detailed.

After the fifteen layers of paper mache is dry it looks like this.  I used for the layers just strips of newspaper and watered down glue.

I then cut out the bottom whole and the face.

Then comes the paper mache paste.  It goes around all the cut out face and helps you give the stem and pumpkins the authentic pumpkins look with the vines wrapping down the pumpkin and around the stem. 
After this first layer I realized it needed more and so I made the vines thicker and eyes thicker so that they popped.

The last layer of paper mache is paper towels.  I gives the paste a smooth look.  It also makes it easier to add dimension with paint because the towel is all wrinkly around the pumpkin so even though I said it smooths it out it is anything but smooth.

I Then paint the inside and out side the basic color I want it to have. 

 I then use the dry brush technique with all the different colors to give the pumpkin dimension.
Black, Red, Oranges, and Browns on the pumpkin.  Browns Greens' and Orange on the stem give the pumpkin its pop.

Here they are together. Old and new. Last I sprayed a Rust-oleum clear coat spray to seal it and you are done.

These two guys are going to be a great addition to my Halloween display.
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