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April 9, 2016

Gofer trouble

For a couple of weeks I have had a creature digging holes in my front yard.  I finally got a look at what it is that is a GOFER.
He is eating my grass.  He already killed some of the bushes in the front yard.

I posted his picture to my Facebook page asking for advice on how to get rid of it.
These are some of the responses.
  • Caddyshack him!!
  • Flame thrower!!
  • Poison peanuts at the local farm/feed store!
  • Chemical warfare!
  • Claymore mine!
  • .22!
  • Drown him out with a hose!
  • Post more pictures maybe he will get offended and go away!
  • They make traps that shoot spikes down into the hole that will run him through as he runs by!
  • Rodent Blaster!
  • C4!
  • This last one has a step by step instructions:

          1. Go to Redbox
          2. Rent Caddyshack
          3. Watch and learn
          4. Initiate knowledge
          5. Funeral

He is cute but has to go.

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