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December 5, 2015

Elf on the shelf night 9

The Elf  brought a gift last night for the girls.  She brought a Elf Reindeer pet.  They named it Jingle. Ornament made a tree from crepe paper.  She thinks we need a tree and I agree.

Jingle came with a outfit.

 The pets have a different mission from the Elves.  He can be touched loved and played with.  It is important for the charm around its neck to fill up with love.  If I fills up by Christmas Eve it will turn into a real Reindeer and pull Santa's Sleigh.

On problem with the Reindeer.  I did not realize that it could be touched.  If I would have known this I would have bought two.  I still might.  They are already having a hard time sharing time with it.  Jingle might put my girls on the naughty list.

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