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December 23, 2015

Elf on the shelf night 27

We are coming to the end of the season.  Elf only has two more nights to be in the house.  She then goes to help Santa.
My nine year old wrote a note to the Elf last night telling her that yesterday she went to the LDS Bishop Store House to do service.  I think she was hoping that it would get her out of the warning of being on the naughty list.  I believe it worked. Elf's response was.

This of course made her very happy. Lets see if she can keep it up.

Swinging from the chandelier was the way Elf celebrated the event.

You got to love empty toilet paper rolls as a swing.

Just a side note. Don't you just love the Milk glass in the back ground.  I do. That's just three quarters of my milk glass the bigger pieces are above the kitchen cupboards.

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