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December 17, 2015

Elf on the shelf night 21

Elf got her self into a little miss understanding.  She was looking to find toys to play tag.

 The comments on Facebook today were quite clear. Some thought it was too violent or funny and blamed it on my husband.  My brother in law gave me some good ideas to let Elf get her revenge.  He said that I should have the soldiers tied to dynamite and have her be holding a match.  Or have the soldiers repelling down off a counter and have the Elf holding a pair of scissors.  Well I may or may not do this but it sure sounds funny.

She needed a lot of tape.   I was getting a little frustrated and went crazy because she kept falling.  She has been up all day and has not fallen yet so it worked.

My girls were mortified that this could happen to the Elf. Tomorrow I will need to do something to make them smile not be afraid.

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